Why Building is Better Than Renting!

Why Building is Better Than Renting!


Let imagination be the only limit for your home!  Paint the walls the colour (or colours) you love.  Choose the tiles and floor coverings that suit your lifestyle.  If you have pets for example, you might not want carpet.  Hang beautiful over-sized canvases of your favourite art and photos in your home.  Want a deck? A shed? Build it! Create a garden that suits you perfectly.  Whether it be a vegetable garden, palms, succulents…or perhaps you’d prefer to spend your days off without tending to your block.  So lay down some pebbles and invest in large pots for added life.  If you are a First Home Owner, this freedom could be something you haven’t yet experienced.


No more inspections.  Let that sweet phrase sink in for a moment.  No more inspections!  Some are lucky enough to have landlords that feel they don’t require inspections.  As we also build for investors, we understand that it’s important to ensure the home is being looked after.  Sometimes life just happens and knowing you have an inspection can add more pressure.  Were you going to clean the house on Sunday?  You just realised you have an inspection on Friday?  Unfortunately your entire schedule may change, plus you could be juggling work and kids.  Building your own space takes that pressure away.


Many homeowners find they stay in their own home a lot longer than if they were renting.  They often position themselves near local schools, shops, family and friends that they want to remain close to.  From this stems a great sense of community, often people join local clubs which could be anything from sports and dance to various interests.  Block parties are participated in and friendships develop.


If you’re a First Home Owner, one of the obvious benefits is the First Home Owners Grant currently available until December 31st 2017.  $20,000 to be exact!  This is an amazing opportunity.  Of course there is also the financial aspect of building your own home.  Investing in a house is a commitment we make while looking at the big picture.  Over time by putting finance towards our home loan instead of rent, we see equity in our home begin to grow.  Some can be cautious about a loan that runs for the duration of a mortgage, yet it’s equivalent to escaping 25 years of rent increases.  It’s your own home, that you can own outright, or you can use that equity to go on to own more houses.  You could become an investor and eventually rent out the home that you first built!

We can build your affordable dream

Everyone gets comfortable with what they’re used to.  This is part of being human.  There are changes that can be so fun, rewarding and set you up for such a great future, that you’ll be thrilled you made them.  Building is one change, and we can help you achieve that dream.

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Photo credit: Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez on Unsplash