Tip 7 of 7 Builder’s Tips Essential to know for Building

Tip 7 of 7 Builder’s Tips Essential to know for Building

Number 7

The dream of building your own home is becoming a reality.  It’s an exciting time when you’ve secured your block of land and the design of your new home suits your needs perfectly.  You’re on the final stretch before we oversee the building of your house, so that in a few months time, you can collect your keys and move in.

At this stage your Home Design Consultant will have worked closely with you to have everything ready.  Our team in the office then provide your building contract that contains all the information and pricing.  It’s important to read through your contract and to be familiar with your house.  It can be difficult to make changes to your design and selections later on.

This is our lucky last tip in our series of 7 Builder’s Tips Essential to know for Building.  If you haven’t already, read our other 6 tips to learn some more.  Remember that at Value Homes we are also a member of the Master Builders’ Association.

The Building Contract

Your building contract lists each item included with your home.  This includes your electrical plan and selections.  It also shows any items such as fencing and air-conditioning.  The following are some points to know about your contract:

  • Are the plans attached, showing all changes you may have required?
  • Specifications should be included, fully specified and checked.
  • Construction times should state the number of days or weeks and may give a start date – but only if you have finance approval and the land is in your own name.
  • Check the price against your quote.
  • How long has the fixed priced contract been guaranteed at that price?  Building costs can rise, so securing your current pricing is best.

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