First Home Buyers: Tackling the Finance Conundrum

First Home Buyers: Tackling the Finance Conundrum

Do you find yourself dreaming of your own new home? Do you end up mulling over your finances, wondering how you are ever going to achieve your real estate dreams? Do you eventually end up putting it in the ‘too hard’ basket?

We understand completely. As long established local builders we have helped countless clients successfully navigate the purchasing and construction process and are familiar with how daunting a project of this size can be for you.

So, where do you start? The first step in the home building process is to find out exactly how much capital you are able to lend. A trusted and experienced financier or broker will help you to assess your financial situation and match you with the best lender.

If you are concerned about existing debts, for example car loans or outstanding credit card charges, a finance professional is the best point of contact. The financier will be able to explain and assess your specific situation and wherever necessary. He can also assist you with the consolidation of your debts and help with repayment schedules, if required. This may hold up your eligibility for a home loan, but only temporarily so. In the long run it will help you improve your financial situation and you will be left knowing exactly at what point you are eligible for a mortgage. During the waiting period there is no need to be idle. Instead, you can get busy evaluating locations and house designs, which suit both your budget and your dreams.

Our trusted financial experts have helped many of our clients, some with extremely limited funds, to achieve their dreams. In one particular example we saw a young woman in her early twenties with only $3,000 in savings account secure a home loan. She is now a proud homeowner and adores living in her new house.

You can access financial advice through your bank or various independent financial services. For recommendations, we suggest you ask your friends for their positive experiences, or alternatively, you can visit our Display Home in the Mt Peter Estate. Our Sales Consultants are friendly and competent and they are more than happy to explain the financial process to you, discuss new home options with you and direct you to our trusted financing experts.

Value Homes has been established in Cairns for over 25 years and we are happy to have witnessed many of our customers on limited budgets achieving their dreams.

Remember, every dream starts with the first action. Why not start yours today?